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June 18, 2010

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Today, I see an increasing number of commercial real estate professionals experimenting with social networking as a business tool. However, I think the jury is still very much out in the brokerage community in regard to Social Media’s value to the commercial real estate professional.

What is your opinion?

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Your Turn

Please expand in the comments section on the reason for your vote and your thoughts on the future of Social Networking in commercial real estate. Do you plan to expand your on-line presence? What tools (i.e. Blogs, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) do you utilize or see as effective?

  • Social Media is here to stay, so you can either join the party or be left out in the cold…. It has been a fun business tool that has brought me a ton of new business relationships, and some new business. It will remain a part of my business….

  • Gil White

    I think the jury is still out – I believe it’s helpful if you have a well crafted position and voice on a particular segment of the market.

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