Social Media: The Commercial Real Estate Show

by CoyDavidson on April 15, 2011

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The Commercial Real Estate Show

Tomorrow I will be a guest on the Commercial Real Estate Show with host Michael Bull discussing Social Media Marketing, Networking & Influence in commercial real estate. The Commercial Real Estate Show has become known as ‘America’s’ commercial real estate talk radio show. The show’s extremely informative format and entertaining style is popular all across the country. New shows broadcast every Saturday at 10AM EST around the world at and in Atlanta, Georgia on biz1190 WAFS. Listeners enjoy podcast shows anytime on-demand at iTunes and the show web site.

You can hear the podcast here.

I also have written numerous on articles on the subject of the use of social media and commercial real estate.

  • Ramon Lopez

    Great show! As a young professional trying to learn as much as possible about CRE I really appreciate experienced professionals like yourself putting blogs out there that adds value.

    Ramon Lopez

  • Coy Davidson

    Thanks Ramon, glad you like it.

  • I would like to also suggest the Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investor Group on Ning.

    CREPIG also has a group on LinkedIn with over 10,000 members and is on Twitter with over 20,000 followers.

    This site is niched to the Commercial Real Estate Industry and the forum, blog and events posts are fed to Facebook, Linkedin, Plaxo, Twitter and more. It als has many compelling services for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

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