Real Estate Has Always Been a Social Business

by CoyDavidson on July 21, 2013


Converting Online Connections into Clients

I recently traveled to Southern California to speak about social media and commercial real estate at a CREW-Orange County event along with my friend Ruth Brajevich, CMO of Ware Malcomb. While I am often asked to speak about social media and commercial real estate, I wouldn’t typically incur the expense to travel to Orange County for a two hour luncheon.

However, when Ruth called and asked if I would consider speaking at this event, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I jokingly replied, “you want me to leave the Texas heat in the middle of July and come to Newport Beach and speak to a room full of women in commercial real estate? … Okay I’m in!”

However, the real reason I went is because it was Ruth that asked, and the fact that I have a business relationship with her firm Ware Malcomb, that all started with meeting Ruth on Twitter over 3 years ago. Fast forward a couple years later and Ware Malcomb CEO, Larry Armstrong and Regional Vice President, Matt Brady are sitting in my office in Houston as they are planning entering the Houston market. My trip to Southern California wasn’t just about speaking at an event about social media, but also spending time with the Ware Malcomb executive team.

Social Media is About Relationships

Today we shouldn’t even be having the conversation about whether social media has value in the business world and for commercial real estate professionals. I think that question has been answered, but only a small percentage have learned how to effectively initiate and nurture new business relationships that begin online. Social Media is two words and the commercial real estate industry gets the media part, it’s just surprising that most don’t get the first word, because real estate has always been a “social business.”

The main message of my presentation at the CREW-Orange County event was that Real Estate has always been a a social business, so why not online? If one (1) in five (5) couples meet online, why can’t you meet one of your next clients online? I promises you can!

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CREOutsider July 22, 2013 at 8:17 am

As I was looking at your excellent slide show, it hit me that many agents would engage online if content creation wasn’t such a big part of it. Think that is the part that scares them away…

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