Is Social Worth the Effort?

by CoyDavidson on June 12, 2011

Using Content Marketing to Expand Market Presence

Joe Pulizzi a leading author, speaker and strategist says, “content marketing today is an amazing opportunity for small and large businesses because the barriers to entry that once existed (technology, talent, databases and content acceptance) are now gone.”

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Over the past few weeks I have partnered with Crissy Nolen our Director of Marketing to educate my colleagues in the Houston of Colliers International about using Social Media tools in their business. Much of the discussion has centered on the specifics of using the various social media platforms.

I wanted to show my colleagues just how many people you can reach with these various tools, so I aggregated a few metrics from my personal experience. While I didn’t originally plan to post these statistics, the concepts and tools I often speak about can be utilized by most any business and since many of my clients and colleagues read this blog, I wanted to share the information.

I think that you will agree that social media can be a powerful distribution channel but without effective content your social media efforts will produce little return. I should note that I define return as developing new business and retaining existing clients by providing additional value. I don’t aspire to be a “Social Media Rockstar” but rather a “CRE Rockstar.”


While my Blog is no Huffington Post nor never will be, last month was a record month for the Tenant Advisor in terms of traffic with over 6,500 people visiting this site and almost 12,000 page views. So how are people finding me on-line? The answer is on-line search and social media channels.




Do I Need to Do This?

Your clients and prospects are increasingly on-line, they are reading blogs, searching YouTube, connecting on LinkedIn, tweeting and logging into Facebook. We are all going to continue to do business offline, but Social Media is becoming an increasingly important distribution channel to deliver high-quality, relevant and valuable information that can enhance your ability to create new business and brand loyalty.

There is going to continue to be many extraordinarily successful business professionals who never start a blog or send a tweet, but I believe social media is going to continue to help me land a handful of high quality clients and keep the ones I already have.

  • Coy, thanks for sharing those metrics. Although people involved in the online CRE space completely understand the benefits, it’s more effective to use metrics to show others the effect it can have on their businesses.

    In addition to the increased traffic to your site, I think the greatest benefit of social is the relationships you establish with motivated, passionate CRE professionals who serve as the early adopters of technology.

    A word of advice to new social media adopters. Be patient, if you’re not good at blogging at first just keep doing it, you’ll get good. 

    Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks Joe, that’s exactly why I posted the metrics. I was fearful as coming across as “tooting my own horn” but in teaching this stuff to my colleagues, I did realize numbers get their attention.

  • Dcolangelo

    Coy, I see you’ve been blogging since September, 2009.  I started my blog in October, 2010.  Would you be open to sharing your blog stats for the first year, month-by-month, so I can compare?

  • yes I will share the info. Send me an email and I will forward to you.

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