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by CoyDavidson on July 8, 2012

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The Web Goes Mobile

One of the biggest trends in marketing online over the past year is the rise of the visual web as websites and social platforms move toward visual presentation. The shift is much to do about how consumers access the internet as increasingly people do so with smartphones and tablets. You know longer have to be sitting at your desktop or laptop computer to either consume or share content instantaneously via email/text or the web.


Today, most smart phones come equipped with a fairly high-quality camera function and these days it seems I am always snapping pictures with my iPhone and not just for personal enjoyment. I am taking photos on building tours and to and from meetings as I am driving around the city. The rise of visual marketing is now placing a premium on possessing a library of high-quality images that help you tell your business story and market your properties. I mix in image posts to my social stream on Facebook, Twitter and use Instagram  to help define my personal brand across the web.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Facebook’s early growth was much about the ability to share photos with friends and family and the rapidly rising popularity of Instagram and Pinterest only reinforces that we are drawn to images. The Advertising industry has long understood the effectiveness of a relevant image to reinforce the desired message.

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For CRE, think back to when aerial photography wasn’t as accessible or inexpensive and how it ultimately became affordable and a standard practice for most property marketing collateral. Today, you don’t need a professional photographer to produce quality images and with a little practice (trial and error) your photography skills will improve. You just might come up with some creative ways to bring attention to your brand and market your listings and services.

MDG Advertising created the infographic below detailing the power of images and the rise of image based social networks.

Infographic by MDG Advertising

  • CREOutsider

    I love the idea of Pintrest for CRE – so easy to pin photos, posts, listing URLs… Someone should create a clone just for CRE. Add some tags for location, size, use and type and you’ve got an instant listings search/marketing platform.

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