6 Social Media Posts for the CRE Professional

by CoyDavidson on February 8, 2014


I have written quite a bit about social media and commercial real estate over the years including one of my very first blog posts titled, “Is Commercial Real Estate beginning to discover the Social Web?” Today, I think we know the answer to that question. Whether you believe it can be an effective tool or still view it as “voodoo witcraft”, the fact remains that social media and content marketing today is a mainstream business tool.

We all know that CRE is a relationship business and I have always said you don’t have to use social media to be successful in commercial real estate. In September of 2009, I embarked on this experiment of incorporating social media into my real estate practice. I didn’t know for sure what would happen, but my gut told me it could be big.

There is no longer any valid argument that social media is a waste of time for the CRE professional. Sure, you have to do it correctly, as well as be patient and persistent just like every other business practice that will make you successful in the commercial real estate industry.

I am living proof the social media can be a powerful marketing and branding tool. In a little over 4 years, I have gone from a real estate professional primarily known only in the Houston marketplace to being a familiar name in commercial real estate circles to many around the country. I am just a regular guy who just views himself as a “damn good” broker. I am no social media guru or rockstar, I just used an emerging trend to elevate my visibility because I believed CRE would be slow to catch on.

The result of this effort has been a ton of new business relationships which ultimately translated into a significant amount of new business. It has been quite a journey, but frankly I am bored with writing about this subject, as I would rather write about my true passion, “commercial real estate.”

So rather than pen yet another article about social media and commercial real estate, I thought it would be better to provide with you with the links to what I feel are the best articles I have posted on this subject. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

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  • Ann Stovel Gibson

    Thanks Coy, I always do enjoy your writing. This morning woke up to icy, cold weather (very unusual for Portland, OR) so w/in nowhere to go decided to treat myself to a couple of hours catch up of your articles.

  • abuchanan

    Bored with writing about social media?…oh the humanities! Say it ain’t so, Joe?

  • But still i believe social media have great impact on Real Estate agents…

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