Why the Enterprise Needs Office Space

by CoyDavidson on January 5, 2012

Face to Face Interaction is the Foundation of Human Communication

I must admit I was almost giddy when I stumbled upon this blog post and infographic below from the odm group. I have scoffed at the premise that advances in communication technology would someday ultimately eliminate the need for office space.

I see the future of workplace mobility as one of a blended solution whereby more employees are allowed the flexibility of working from home or in a coworking environment part of the time but are still required to work from the office as the importance of  “face to face” collaboration will be increasingly realized.

How companies use office space is certain to continue to evolve and I firmly believe corporate office space users will continue to look for new ways to be more efficient and increase productivity. I however fall in the camp that these changes in terms of how we use office space will be slower to evolve and more subtle than many would lead you to believe.

source: odm group

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