What’s the Future Role of the Office?

by CoyDavidson on May 17, 2012

The Digital Workplace

Paul Miller, author of “The Digital Workplace” discusses the future role of the office. Miller states the role of the office is in question, but doesn’t foreshadow the death of office space. He views the future role of the office as the “social glue” of the enterprise.

Source: Gigaom

  • Paul Allsopp

    The current “crisis” now provides the environment to dismantle barriers to transforming work enabling the creation of more capable agile workforces and seizing the full opportunities from technology investment creating digital workplaces that no longer focus solely on the place of work.
    So who needs offices ? While I agree “The Office” is certainly not dead but its function is changing as technology enables and competitive financial pressure demands re-definition of work and the workplace. For many organisations the office is the glue that Paul refers to, but increasingly it is also being viewed as an underutilised, inflexible, carbon inefficient liability that is a drag on rapidly changing organisational needs and business effectiveness.The Agile Organisation:http://agileorguk.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/who-needs-offices/

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