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by CoyDavidson on February 8, 2011

Facebook to Menlo Park is a Big Deal, but Pales in Comparison to ExxonMobil’s Rumored Corporate Campus

Today out in Silicon Valley, Facebook confirmed a much anticipated, but not so secret corporate real estate move to the Sun/Oracle campus in Menlo Park. Here a little closer to home, news of a much larger company’s not so secret real estate decision to consolidate in a new corporate campus, albeit one that will be built appears much closer to a formal announcement.

ExxonMobil for some time now has been expected to announce a new corporate campus just south of the Woodlands, and the only drama has been as to when the typically highly secretive ExxonMobil would formally confirm the project. The real estate decision is widely believed to be a done deal in the commercial real estate community since they purchased a 400 acres tract from SpringWoods Village Developer, Coventry Development Corp. Rumors of the ExxonMobil Campus surfaced prominently about this time last year.

Houston Tomorrow posted on its website that Grand Parkway President, Billy Burge speaking to the Texas Transportation Commission, at a January 27, 2011 meeting, indicated that Exxon Mobil would soon announce its plans for a North American headquarters south of the Woodlands.

“Exxon has designated and will go on record sometime in April that this will be their home campus there at 45 and Grand Parkway and obviously they need that in place and moving that way by  2015,” Burge told the Texas Transportation Commission.

If you think Facebook moving 1,400 employees from Palo Alto to Menlo Park was a big deal, it was and the social networking giant will likely grow much larger. However, Grand Parkway executive director, David Gornet speaking at the Texas Transportation Commission meeting said the Exxon/Mobil move is a consolidation of some 11,000 employees they have in the Houston region now and some 4,000 employees that would move here primarily from Virginia. Other sources say the number will be 17,000.

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