Emerging Trends in the Office Market

by CoyDavidson on October 13, 2010

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  1. A Long Road Back for the Office Market?The Recession may be over but, “Without employment growth, it’s a zero-sum game. Somebody is winning at somebody else’s expense.” Expect only pockets of improvement in key markets and among higher quality office assets until the economy really shows improvement in the Labor Market.
  2. The Problem with the Office MarketThe economic recovery while not robust is underway. Corporate America is reporting solid earnings and sitting on record amounts of cash reserves. Where is the job growth?  The issue is uncertainty, as they seek clarity on our future tax structure and the cost of healthcare.
  3. Office Space Density: The New Workspace MetricHow much office space do we really need? Companies these days “are thinking not as much.” as they focus on doing “more with less”.
  4. What Office Tenants Can Expect in Today’s MarketTenants should be “very motivated” to take advantage of lower rents and healthy concessions in current market conditions. When concessions begin to shrink, its a sure sign the market is improving.
  5. Office Tenants Want ValueAll office space is not created equal. Tenants are looking to trade up in quality of office space while they have the upper hand in lease negotiations. Eventually, concession packages will become less generous.

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