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by CoyDavidson on July 9, 2010


How a Blog Post Landed Me a Television Interview

Last week I was contacted by KHOU Channel 11 News for an interview to discuss the B.P. disaster and its impact on the commercial real estate market, which came about through one of my recent blog posts “A Murky View for the Houston Office Market” . The real estate aspect of the B.P. disaster was not the focus of the report, but KHOU wanted to interview someone from the commercial real estate industry knowledgeable about the energy industry and its importance to the Houston economy and the commercial real estate market.

The interviewed lasted about an hour and we discussed a variety of issues including how the energy sector is the largest industry in Houston and that oil and gas companies are some of Houston’s largest office tenants, as well as what impact the federal government moratorium halting deepwater drilling, which was ultimately overturned in federal court might impact any optimism for improvement in the office market.

The moratorium has affected 18 firms active with deepwater rigs in the Gulf and 16 of those firms have a significant presence in Houston. The consensus opinion is that when drilling resumes, the industry will operate under stricter regulations and closer federal government oversight which will alter the economics of offshore exploration and may reduce the industry’s investment in deepwater drilling.

The short sections of the interview that actually ended up as part of the report centered around what types of office product our major energy companies tend to occupy and how big their offices are. While I explained every company is different, that most tend to gravitate  to Class A office product and design space with a private office environment, which results in a higher ratio of square footage per employee. When asked why? I responded primarily to attract and retain the best employees. Overall my first T.V. interview was an enjoyable and educational experience. I guess, I should not be surprised that the media would take portions of the interview and edit to fit into the angle of the story they are trying to emphasize.

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The Awesome Power of a Blog

The real lesson is how a blog and social media can raise the awareness of your personal brand. The media;  print, on-line and television are always looking for stories and resources for their reports. I spend considerable effort educating my clients about my blog and working to get my content in front of the eyeballs of new business connections and potential clients. Commercial Real Estate has been in the news much more during the recent economic struggles compared to more prosperous times. A blog is a tremendous tool to position yourself as an “Industry Thought Leader”  My contribution to Channel 11’s report was minimal, but as soon as the report aired, my iPhone nearly blew up from text messages and the following day I experienced a full in-box of voice mail messages and a long list of emails from people who saw the report. Messages from clients, friends, peers, some who I have not spoken to in some time.

I uttered about 20 words in that television report, but I spent almost the entire following day talking about the Houston commercial real estate market and my blog to clients, colleagues, friends and even a potential client. I think it is safe to say the awareness of my personal brand increased a few notches. The ultimate compliment is; I was raising the question of the impact of the B.P disaster on the Houston office market early on after the oil spill, a couple of weeks later business reporters were writing about it, and most recently competitors were using it as a sound-byte in the press releases for the quarterly office market reports. I do not know if I was the first office broker in Houston to think about the impact of the B.P. disaster on the Houston office market, but I was certainly the first one I know of to write about it, (May 11th). “The Awesome Power of a Blog”

Here is the report:

Houston’s oil companies: Rich, but can they afford the blow out?

  • Coy:

    Next time you’re interviewed on TV, arrange for that interviewed to be recorded. There are companies who will make professional recordings of TV appearances, which you can then repurpose on your website, blog, etc.

    Congrrats on the interview!

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