CoWorking: A Glimpse at Tomorrow’s Office

by CoyDavidson on October 16, 2012

The face of the ‘standard’ workplace is changing, it is all about mobility

The nature of the workplace is quickly changing. How, when and where we work is shifting in the enterprise driven primarily by 24/7 connectivity, as we are no longer required to be tied our desks in the expanding knowledge economy.

There are many new trends and terms that have entered the conversation in regards to the workplace of the future including; the collaborative workplace, coworking, activity based workplaces and results only work environments. These terms are interrelated and similar in many ways and the common denominator among all these trends is mobility.

I entered the workforce as an adult some 25 years ago and the previous two major shifts I have experienced were the emergence of the desktop computer and the internet which enabled new productivity standards and new levels of connectivity. Today we are experiencing the emergence of another shift as mobile technologies change our work practices and will shape the office of the future.

I once posted an article here titled, “Just Stop with the Coworking Hype” in which the title is a little misleading. The tone of my article was to really make the argument that the need for office space is not going away and will remain vital to the Enterprise and we won’t soon be faced with the problem of what to do with a plethora of empty office towers. My subtitle was “Earth isn’t About to Become One Big Coworking Community” and depending on how you frame it, that just might be considered an incorrect statement.

My point is that face to face collaboration will remain critical for the knowledge worker and the office will serve as the social glue of the enterprise. Earth may very well soon be one big coworking community; it will just be housed in our office towers and within the walls of the enterprise. You may not  go to the office every day, but you will still go. None of us know for sure what the future brings but today’s coworking movement provides some real insight into the office of the future.

Below are links to a few of my articles on the topic:

Coworking vs. The Office for the Enterprise
I came across the video embedded below that Deskmag shared on their facebook page. I watched it twice and not sure exactly the message the creator was attempting to send and viewers will certainly draw their own conclusions. I have previously stated that I have embraced the coworking movement and believe it will be an increasingly utilized alternative office strategy for enterprise employees… read the full article

Embracing the CoWorking Movement
There is a great article I stumbled upon in Deskmag titled “Real estate agents: friends or foes?” which addresses the perception of the coworking movement among commercial real estate agents. Commercial Real estate agents have had the reputation of shunning coworking operators based upon some fear that the movement represents a threat to the traditional office leasing profession… read the full article

The Blended Workplace
There is quite a bit of discussion today about the workplace of the future and how companies expect to reshape the office environment as a result of several factors but most notably advances in technology. While I without question acknowledge the growing trend of alternative work strategies and expect it to accelerate over the next few years. I also believe we will likely reach a point where there will be a push back from not only employers but workers alike… read the full article

Coworking or the Corner Office?
There has been a tremendous of amount of commentary published over the last couple of years regarding the trend of shrinking office space allocations as more companies opt for open office space layouts designed for enhanced collaboration among employees… read the full article

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  • Great article- I believe there are certain careers when team work is important so face to face collaboration will be needed- others wont need so much interactions- The need will adjust to specificjobs- It would be interesting if you can write an article about telecommuting

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