25 Articles for a Better Office Lease

by CoyDavidson on April 24, 2015

There is a lot to know when it comes to signing a favorable commercial office lease and also selecting a property and office space that provides the right working environment for your company. Your interests are best served with the assistance of a professional tenant representative. Take a look at these articles, I think you will agree.

5 Things CEO’s Want from their Office Space
Some of my best blog posts are often simple and summarize real conversations with real clients. Just this week I sat down with the CEO of a NYSE publicly traded company… read the full article

Have We Taken Workspace Efficiency Too Far?
Most of us in the corporate real estate world agree that the workplace is rapidly changing. These dramatic changes… read the full article

Office Space, If You Only Do Three Things
Every office tenant wants the highest quality office space available that fits within their budget. In other words, they want the best value that fits within their total overhead cost structure… read the full article

CRE, Moneyball and the Quest for More Productive Office Space
Historically companies have always focused the spotlight on projecting the cost side of the equation when making real estate decisions with the goal … read the full article

Should I Own or Lease My Office Space?
This is a question I have heard many times from clients over my 20 year career, typically when lease rates are at historical highs or property values drop and begin to look attractive… read the full article

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Every office tenant at some point is faced with a decision of whether to renew their lease or relocate to a new building. Depending on market conditions, in most scenarios the Landlord… read the full article

5 Reasons Your Landlord Doesn’t Think You Are Serious About Moving
The reality is in most scenarios, Landlords feel they have a competitive advantage in renewing an existing tenant versus the Landlord that is trying to entice a tenant to relocate… read the full article

How to Structure a More Flexible Office Lease
Lease agreements are typically fairly long-term contract arrangements, often 3-15 years. Predicting longer term business cycles beyond 2-3 years… read the full article

Financial Analysis for Office Lease Transactions
The decision to renew a lease or relocate your office facilities requires thorough financial analysis of the anticipated lease costs within the marketplace… read the full article

Financial Analysis as a Negotiation Tool
Effective negotiations for an office lease require a thorough understanding of the underlying economics of the transaction… read the full article

Negotiating the Tenant Improvement Allowance
A key component of any lease negotiation is the tenant improvement allowance provided by the landlord to build-out or retrofit an office space for the tenant’s specific use… read the full article

Negotiating the Renewal Option
Most commercial office leases are long-term in nature, typically 5, 7 or 10 years in length, but also typically contain provisions for extending the lease beyond the initial term… read the full article

Rent is More than just Rent
Lease Agreements for a typical office building are complex contracts and most commercial leases provide a mechanism for common area maintenance and other building operating expenses (such as janitorial services, taxes and insurance) to be passed on to the tenant… read the full article

The Importance of Assignment and Subletting Clauses
Occasionally, a tenant needs to prematurely vacate their leased premises. When negotiating your lease it may not seem to be a clause of primary importance… read the full article

Don’t Overlook Parking When Negotiating Your Office Lease
Whenever a company is considering their office space options there is much consideration given to evaluating the building features and particular spaces but don’t neglect a thorough evaluation of the parking facilities and the cost associated with parking your employees… read the full article

Key Lease Terms to Consider in a Commercial Office Lease
Commercial lease agreements are one of the more complex legal documents an office tenant will have to negotiate. Beyond the basic business terms such as rental rate… read the full article

SNDA’s in Commercial Leases
When negotiating commercial leases it is important for the Tenant to obtain a Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement, often referred to as the “SNDA” especially in today’s economic environment where foreclosure activity… read the full article

Taking into Account the Unexpected when Negotiating your Lease
Natural disasters such as Hurricanes and floods that have damaged many buildings in the Houston area can interrupt operations at hundreds of businesses… read the full article

Relocation Provisions in Office Leases
Commercial leases typically contain a provision allowing the Landlord to move tenants from one location within a project to another to accommodate a larger tenant should contiguous space… read the full article

Understanding the Common Area Factor: Rentable vs Useable Square Feet 
Few commercial real estate concepts are as misunderstood by tenants and even real estate professionals, as the measurement of office space square footage for rent purposes… read the full article

Got Signage
A few days ago I got a phone call from someone that I didn’t previously know. He wanted to know how a Landlord decides what tenants get their name on the monument sign… Read the full article

Is Your Rent-to-Revenue Ratio on Target?
Most companies use a few basic metrics when comparing various office locations from a transactional standpoint or attempting to benchmark the performance of various… read the full article

Project Management for an Office Buildout
You’ve got a project coming up that involves that whole design and construction process thing. And when you start thinking about it, the process doesn’t seem all that overwhelming… read the full article

9 Little Things You Should Do Before Leasing Office Space
Whenever you are considering new office locations a good tenant representative is going to provide you with a tremendous amount of information on various building options.. read the full article

Office Relocation Checklist
You have finalized a lease for a new location, now comes the task of planning and executing the relocation of your offices… read the full article

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