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by CoyDavidson on April 7, 2012


5 Articles and a Video I Liked this Week

Problem with Open Office Plans
One one of the dominant trends in office design today is planning space in a more open work environment for increased collaboration. Inc magazine asks, “Does easy communication outweigh noisy distraction at the workplace?”

Startups and the Lure of the Shiny, New Office
In many respects, the move into new office space is one of the most important decisions facing start-ups and small businesses. When is your company realistically ready for a bigger new office? Forbes outlines the pitfalls of the lure of a new office for startups.

Real estate agents: friends or foes?
How does commercial real estate view the coworking movement. Deskmag explains that most coworking spaces have a negative opinion of real estate agents as office leasing professionals have shunned this new style of work, but is the perception changing as commercial real estate better understands the concept?

Demand for Data Center Space Soars
The growth and management of big data and the rise of cloud computing, fueled by an explosion in consumer smart phones and tablets, GPS navigation, social media, online gaming and e-commerce, among many other data-hungry sources is driving increased demand for Data Center space. CoStar Group examines the growing need to manage data in the enterprise.

The Coming Colo Crunch
Estimated total collocation space in use in the U.S. in 2011 was 67.7 million SF. This is projected o expand to 144 million SF by 2015. How will the enterprise deal with the coming Colo crunch. Data Center Knowledge offers a downloadable whitepaper offering a guide to the Enterprise Data Center.

Social Networking Heads to the Office
Today, we live in the Facebook era as social networking is an everyday way of life and popular form of communication among the masses. Social networking tools are now creeping into the workplace as companies look for ways to increase collaboration. The WSJ examines these new facebook type applications for the workplace.

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