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by CoyDavidson on March 29, 2014


7 Articles to Read this Weekend

Eight Steps Toward More Functional Office Space
Many companies have heard the siren call for open office space that allows for greater collaboration, attracts younger workers and reduces real estate costs. But before tenants take the plunge into a new office environment, building owners and architects can help them conduct a careful analysis of the way they work now and how they will work in the future, to ease the transition for all generations of workers — and to ensure that the new workplace truly works for all of its occupants… NAIOP

4 Strategies To Make Your Office A Place Where People Can Focus
Between phone calls, email alerts, and random chats, interruptions pretty much define modern office life.That’s fine if you’re bouncing ideas off people. It’s less than great if you’re trying to crank out something important. “Concentration really is a long lost art in the workplace… Fast Company

The Office Recovery Still Has Legs
This part of the cycle looks quite favorable for the office property sector. All of the key areas of the market are improving; absorption is up, supply remains under control in aggregate, rent growth is accelerating, and investors continue to allocate capital to the sector. That being said, there is still plenty of room to run. The recovery appears to be only halfway through, after all… CoStar Group

Corporate Real Estate: Assets & Liabilities
Corporations own real estate. Corporations lease real estate. Regardless of the particular sector in which it operates–retail, pharmaceuticals, technology, finance, and so on–a company’s value and performance is greatly tied to its real estate holdings, the value of its leases, and the efficiency with which the company operates its properties. Corporate real estate is an extremely broad topic, so this conversation can go in many directions… Llenrock Blog

7 bold commercial real estate predictions
Conjuring the future of commercial real estate begins by conjuring our future. How will we work, live, shop or do business? Perhaps no other investment sector is so closely tied to people’s most fundamental needs and behaviors; its evolution, to a large extent, follows ours… CNBC

1 in 8 Commercial real estate site visits are done via mobile device
Technology in the commercial real estate sector moves at a far different pace than residential real estate, because the type of consumer is far different, and far fewer, and the professional needs of industry insiders are typically met by older software that may not be sexy and may be clunky, but transferring to another system is often regarded as a waste of time for a fast paced industry… AG Beat

New CBD Employment and Transit Commuting Data
The cluster of high rise office towers in the central business district (CBD) is often so spectacular – certainly compared with an edge city development or suburban strip center – as to give the impression of virtual dominance. I have often asked audiences to guess how much of a metropolitan area’s employment is in the CBD… Newgeography

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