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by CoyDavidson on March 21, 2014


5 Articles to Read this Weekend

Real Estate 2020: Building the future
As confidence returns to real estate, the industry faces a number of fundamental shifts that will shape its future.We have looked into the likely changes in the real estate landscape over the coming years and identified the key trends which, we believe, will have profound implications for real estate investment and development … pwc

The Right Office Building For Any Business
When it comes to office buildings, you generally get what you pay for, but first you need to know what you want. Colliers International Workplace Strategist David McEwen shares his guide to selecting the office building right for your business …

A New Set of Metrics for High-Performance Workspaces
If there was a Pictionary for the office alphabet, the letter “C” would clearly have been reserved to depict work life in the infamous “cubicle” that was so ridiculed in the Dilbert cartoon strip. The demise of the Cubicle was long overdue and we can thank Scott Adams who buried it to rest in peace. Today, the hot topic of “coworking” might be a contender to replace “cubicle” in a new edition… Workspace Design

Weighing The Options For Data Center Projects
Healthcare is in the midst of a transformation to an increasingly technology-driven industry–an industry that’s only going to become even more dependent on data and information technology, said Hamilton Espinosa, healthcare core market leader at DPR Construction. That push is coming from three different directions: integration of technology and systems, adoption of electronic health records, and exploration of population health management… healthcare design

The Most Important Person in Your Office Isn’t Who You Think
Executive assistants spend endless hours catering to- and anticipating the needs-of their bosses. A good assistant keeps a business owner on time and in the know – in other words, it’s an assistant’s job to make the CEO look good, and keep him or her organized. But while there are conferences for entrepreneurs, magazines (plug: like this one), executive assistants have typically been on their own…

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