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by CoyDavidson on January 24, 2014


Six Articles to Read this Weekend

Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Americas
Commercial real estate is reaching an inflection point where “valuations will no longer be driven by capital markets.” In 2014, Emerging Trends interviewees expect “space market fundamentals and property enhancements to emerge as the primary drivers of total returns,” reducing the reliance on falling capitalization rates … Urban Land Institute

5 Things your Office Should Support
Many people spend an incredible amount of their lives working within the confines of an office. With that being the case, it only seems reasonable that offices should be optimized to encourage healthy lifestyles and high productivity … DesksNear.Me

You Wish You Could Work in The Offices These People Pretend to Work in
When I first began Office Snapshots, I was mainly posting candid shots of the inside of offices. These were filled with actual workers, doing actual work. Fast-forward to today, however, and the majority of photos I see are not candid, but taken by architectural photographers … Turnstone

How low can you go? In tight market, S.F. techies head underground
Office rents may be rising in San Francisco, but tenants are increasingly going down. Basements, long the bastion of teenagers looking to escape mom and dad, are becoming a hot commodity for youthful technology companies … San Francisco Business Times

Explosion in Fundraising for Real Estate Technology Companies Last Year
As we turn the corner into a new year, it’s always a good time to be reflective, but it’s more pragmatic to look ahead toward the future. The end of 2013 had an extraordinary revolution in the consumer tech sector, with several technological marvels that were anticipated for some time … The News Funnel

Why State Economic Development Strategies Should Be Metro-Centric
Globalization, technology, productivity improvements, and the resulting restructuring of the world economy have led to fundamental changes that have destroyed the old paradigms of doing business. Whether these changes are on the whole good or bad, or who or what is responsible for bringing them into being, they simply are …

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