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by CoyDavidson on January 18, 2014


Seven Articles to Read this Weekend

Employees Perform Better When They Can Control Their Space
If you want to build a culture of high performance, start by taking a look at your office environment. It matters more than you may realize. As co-CEO of the design and architectural firm Gensler, I’ve spent my career designing workplaces and studying the link between design and business performance … Harvard Business Review

How To Stay Focused In An Open Office
In the late 18th century, the British philosopher Jeremy Bentham had a dystopian vision: he thought of a panopticon, a circular prison in which the inmates could always be in view of guards, robbing them of privacy, and with that, human decency. A few centuries later, his surveillance state found fruition: we all started working in open offices … Fast Company

Workforce Factors Working Against Landlords in Lease Renewals
Even as net absorption and rents continue to rebound in most office markets, tenants with leases coming up for renewal still hold a lot of clout in negotiations with landlords in 2014. A variety of economic, technological and workforce factors are acting as counter influences to improving property fundamentals, according to brokers and landlords involved in current lease renewals … CoStar Group

Should You Sell Your Building Before or After You Sell Your Business?
Many businesses choose to own the real estate from which they operate for a wide variety of reasons. The most common reason is to ensure the continued availability of the facility and to cap the associated costs. A particular type of business that employs this practice is a car dealership wanting to ensure the high visibility of its location, while avoiding the market fluctuations associated with retail rents …

MOBs: Systems For Growth
As medicine moves out of the inpatient setting and into the outpatient setting, everything from minor surgical procedures to ambulatory care will need to be supported in a medical office building (MOB). The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) challenge of this new model is to design MOBs with enough flexibility to anticipate future growth and change, right from day one … Healthcare Design

Five Essential Elements of the Digital Workplace
The business world is moving faster and becoming more global, more mobile, and more digitized. Employees today collaborate to a greater degree than they did previously, using new technologies to work in teams, across geographies and in real time. In addition, members of a new generation are entering the workforce in large numbers. These younger employees are increasingly proficient in all the technological tools at their disposal, and they demand greater freedom in managing how they work, where, and when … strategy + business

How Houston’s Missing Media Gene Hobbles Its Global City Ambitions
In an upcoming study I am working on with Chapman University’s Center for Demographics and Policy, we show that San Francisco and Houston are North America’s “emerging” global cities … New Geography

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    I really hate this open office trend… Not to dis tech workers, but since they’re not known for their social skills, I can only think that they have no problem ignoring other people – and they don’t bother other people much either. #gladtoworkathome

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