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by CoyDavidson on January 4, 2014


6 Articles to Read this Weekend

New Era of Office Towers Will Continue to Rise in 2014
New data on construction starts and spending provided compelling evidence of a recovery in urban office development, prompting some planners to describe 2013 as “the year of the return of the downtown high-rise” as major skyline-altering projects broke ground in Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Chicago and even in markets hit hard in the housing downturn such as Phoenix and South Florida … CoStar Group

How hot-desking offices can wreck productivity
I’ve just had a great idea for raising the productivity of Australia’s knowledge workers: try treating them with greater consideration so as to improve their concentration. Simple hard-headed economics tells us that the scarcer the skills of workers, the more you have to pay for their services and the better you have to make their working conditions … The Age

Big Idea 2014: Goodbye Silicon Valley, Hello Silicon Cities
As the United States slowly emerges from the Great Recession, led by our cities and metropolitan areas, a remarkable shift is occurring in the spatial geography of innovation. For the past fifty years, the landscape of innovation has been epitomized by regions like Silicon Valley — suburban corridors of spatially isolated corporate campuses, accessible only by car, with little emphasis on the quality of life or on integrating work, housing and recreation. That model now appears outdated … Brookings

The Kids Are Alright
Something is happening; something really important. Something everyone in the real estate industry should take note of. I have been doing demos across the country of my new site, The News Funnel, for almost two years. I do these demos for basically anyone who will listen, in all parts of the country. I am a very “boots on the ground” kinda guy who prefers to do my own market research by watching peoples’ expressions when I show them my site and from observing their questions as well … Second Time Around

Social Media and Commercial Real Estate: Strategies to Grow Your Business and Build Your Brand
Social media has created a momentous shift in how we communicate with one other. It has become the great digital equalizer; small and large companies alike can build their brands, expand their businesses and connect with their clients online via social media outlets … NAIOP

Why Online Commercial Real Estate Will Suck In 2014!
Come on its me. You want fluffy kittens and rah-rah speeches? I already did that last year. Where is the positivity? Where is the can do will do attitude? Well, I have all of that but let’s get real. Online commercial real estate sucks now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon … Duke Long

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