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by CoyDavidson on October 25, 2013


Six Articles to Read this Weekend

Struggling Newspapers Sell Off Old Headquarters
They were once major symbols of civic pride and influence, often situated in the heart of the city, and nearly equal in stature to nearby city halls, courthouses and other major public buildings. But increasingly, many of the buildings that served as newspaper headquarters in cities around the country are being put on the market … NY Times

What Starbucks Gets that Architects Don’t
You’re outdated. I know this because I once was one of you. But now I’ve moved on. I moved on because despite your love of a great curve, and your experimentation with form, you don’t understand people … Medium

Inefficient Innovation
Whenever I talk with CRE app developers, I always ask the same types of questions. Why should an agent enter the same stuff in yet another place? Or why is this better than using email and DropBox? And how is it efficient to do project management here, financial analysis there and marketing somewhere else? I rarely like the answers I get …. CRE Outsider

BYOD or bust: How bad tech is costing companies
Call it a movement of sorts, but employees are increasingly ditching their company issued computers and smartphones in favor of using their own devices to get work done. One big reason: Their company’s tech is, well, terrible … MSNBC

The Top 10 Workplace Trends Of 2013
This year, through primary research through my company and secondary research by a variety of trusted sources, I’ve tracked ten major workplace trends affecting the world of work. They focus on the generational shift, the rise of freelancing, the skills gap and more … Forbes

Mark Toro Delivers the 2013 ICSC NOI+ and MOCIAL Conferences Keynote
Mark Toro delivered this excellent presentation at ICSC’s NOI+ and MOCIAL Conferences about the success of Atlantic Station and how his team used social media to help turn-around this struggling mixed use project (@AtlanticStation) … ICSC Blog

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