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by CoyDavidson on September 13, 2013


5 Articles to Read this Weekend

Engaging Workspace with Technology
The all-encompassing use of technology in today’s office is driving more mobile, social, collaborative—and less predictable—patterns of work. Organizations recognize that technology is central to work effectiveness. Employees must be able to easily interact with their technology tools in order to collaborate, share information and adapt to changing work and business needs … Knoll Inc.

Welcome to the 72-Hour Work Week
How many hours do you think the average American professional works each week? If you think 40, 50 or even 60, think again. For many, 72 hours is the new norm. In a recent survey of 483 executives, managers, and professionals (EMPs), we found that 60% of those who carry smartphones for work are connected to their jobs 13.5 or more hours a day on weekdays and about five hours on weekends, for a total of about 72 hours … Harvard Business Review

EY study on generational shifts in the US workplace
Management is evolving quickly as young professionals rise in the ranks. In an effort to help quantify these management shifts and provide context for managing the generational mix in light of them, we surveyed over 1,200 cross-company professionals outside of the EY organization and across the US, including managers and non-managers in three select generations — Gen Y/millennials; Gen X; and baby boomers … EY

Which Houston energy companies have new digs on the way?
The recent boom of energy-company campuses in Houston illustrates how firms are luring top talent with amenities that rival those of five-star hotels.
Meanwhile, the new corporate campus create a sense of community for employees to collaborate and sharpen productivity … Houston Business Journal

Sales Tips: Why Shouting Louder is Not the Key to Being Heard
Your prospects and customers are, by definition, consumers of information. They seek information from various sources, such as the Internet, social media, and salespeople, in order to make fully informed decisions about purchasing the right products and services for their needs … Salesforce Blog

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