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by CoyDavidson on June 15, 2012

Five Articles to Read this Weekend

Cubicle Couches and Other Hot Trends in Workplace Design
Not long ago, many predicted the office of the future was no office at all. Today, the thinking is to get employees back to the office and find all sorts of enticements to keep them there…

HR, IT and CRE are Aligned. Really?!
True alignment of HR, IT and CRE is more than an overused phrase. It’s more than a series of meetings and a handshake. There are specific criteria that demonstrate alignment, commitment and, yes, accountability… EBUSINESS STRATEGIES

Collaboration on the move has a long way to go, survey finds
With our mobile working addiction reaching the typing while on the toilet stage, you might think that we’d have collectively perfected our tools and processes for being productive on the go. But according to’s results you’d be wrong… Gigaom

A hierarchy of business to business needs
If you’re selling a product or service to a business–to a non-owner–consider this hierarchy, from primary needs on down… Seth’s Blog

Real estate brokers take to their Segways for Long Beach tour
DLBA officials, which present the biannual tours, said they wanted to do a twist on the traditional brokers tour, which usually involves a bus full of people touring a city in the hopes that it will lead to leasing deals… Contra Costa Times

  • Mirella Guglielmi (Mirel)

    I pay much attention on every Colliers International’s  announce. Much interested.

    Mirella   (Mirel)

  • Mirel, thank you, we are glad you are enjoying our articles and content.

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