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by CoyDavidson on August 24, 2013


8 Articles to Read this Weekend

The Striking Downside to a Remote Workplace
Obviously the technology exists to conduct quite complex operations entirely online. But everyone knows that a successful business is more than operational. For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. But that only works if conducted with trust and respect–and both of those things are extremely difficult to create online …

Future Footprints: Spotlight on Space Needs
In a survey of 1,261 office users conducted in March and April by BOMA International and Kingsley Associates, a majority of respondents–52 percent–said that they do not anticipate any change in the space allocated to employees in the next year … Commercial Property Executive

The Office Wall Makes a Comeback
No longer a place for decrepit plaques and questionable art — the workplace wall may actually begin to justify its existence and pull its own weight. The “open office” concept can work well in many workplaces. It has the potential to reduce brick and mortar costs, break down hierarchies and encourage open collaboration. However, in some situations — the disruptions which occur … LinkedIn

What Is the Office of the Future?
Once upon a time, a person asked to envision the workspace of the future might have detailed the trappings of a space-age utopia: robots, flying pods and out-of-this-world architecture. But ask today’s architects about tomorrow’s office, and the conversation is more likely to include touchpoints such as communication, collaboration and integration …

5 Reasons Why Workplace Flexibility Is Smart Talent Strategy
Most of us, at some point in our lives, have worked in organizations that are rigid and unyielding. You know, cubicle world — acres of gray carpeting bathed in florescent light. We all know these kinds of work cultures breed mediocrity. They deaden the soul (not to mention productivity and creativity). A company may be able to survive being managed that way, but it won’t soar … Forbes

Keep Employees Happy With Creative Perks
Would a corporation let you keep your dog in your cubicle? Or do your job while housesitting in Hawaii? Hard to picture. But those are some of the benefits offered by creative small firms. Entrepreneurs often can’t afford to dangle big raises or other monetary rewards to keep employees happy. But they can come up with imaginative benefits … Wall Street Journal

Generational differences spur workplace training
There’s a sense of urgency in the quest for workplace harmony as baby boomers delay retirement and work with people young enough to be their children— or grandchildren. Put people of widely different ages together and there are bound to be differences. Boomers, for example, are often workaholics, while younger workers may demand more work-life balance. The solution for a growing number of companies: generational awareness training … The Boston Globe

CRE – Nothing But a Listing
If you’ve done any kind of CRE search on Google, you’d think that LoopNet or CoStar are the only sites that matter. Maybe you’ll see an embedded list of local brokerages that happen to have offices in the city you choose. Or a link to the local real estate classifieds. But actual brokerage websites or blogs are relegated to well beyond the top spots … CRE Outsider

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