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by CoyDavidson on July 27, 2013


Six Articles to Read this Weekend

Gensler’s 2013 Workplace Survey: Balance in Any Environment
In our recently released 2013 Workplace Survey (WPS), we found that workplace effectiveness has dropped since 2008. As we release these findings, we’ve noticed that many people hear that and make an immediate and intuitive leap—they assume we mean open plan offices don’t work. This couldn’t be further from the truth … Gensler

Working from Home: A Work in Progress
It’s now been about six weeks since all Yahoo! employees had to start showing up at the Internet giant’s offices every day.  CEO, Mayer’s new rule, sparked fiery debates about the merits and drawbacks of the upward trend in working from home. New data that we recently collected add fuel to the flames … Harvard Business Review

How a coworking space imagines corporate coworking
Austin is an economic boomtown with newcomers locating there everyday. Many people looking for a coworking space in the city end up at Conjunctured, run by very attentive, forward-thinking people with an eye for design and a heart for mankind. They are launching a pioneering initiative called corporate coworking, bring the coworking model into the heart of the corporate body … Deskmag

UPSIDE AHEAD: Office Recovery Accelerates In First Half, Best Yet to Come
U.S. office occupancy growth and rental rates rose at a modest but steady pace during the second quarter of this year, while the national vacancy rate dipped closer to the 12% mark as new office construction remained at historically low levels in the first half of 2013 … CoStar Group

Refining Your Criteria for Data Center Site Selection
Determining the location of a data center is one of the crucial decisions for a company as it is based on strategy and goals of a company. In any discussions related to data center sites, few factors come up frequently like power, telecommunication, data center tiers, clean power, site selection and so on … Data Center Knowledge

12 Most Compelling Reasons to Tell Your Story in Business
Human beings are storytelling machines. We cannot resist a good tale. You can harness the power of your business story to create a memorable message. Now more than ever, you need to be attracting listeners in your business so that your message sticks … Dr. Michelle Mazur

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