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by CoyDavidson on July 20, 2013


Six Articles to Read this Weekend

The Essential Role of Building Technology Research
For as long as buildings have been designed, their designers—architects or master builders—have had to keep up with the latest building technology. Historically, this wasn’t too hard. Although technology changed from century to century, it didn’t change all that much in any single architect’s lifetime … idea+buildings

Resilient Real Estate
Amongst the whirlwind of volatility that seems to spin from one crisis to the next, business leaders are looking for new skills and strategies that will help their organizations thrive in the new global economy. At the same time, in this era of unprecedented complexity, the study of resilience has emerged in which scientists, economists, government leaders and psychologists are working to understand how systems, organizations and people can adapt to stay fit within an environment of constant change … Steelcase

Placing Food At Your Employees’ Fingertips
If you’ve been paying attention to office design of facility management in the last few years, chances are you’ve thought (and drooled) about some of the things Google does at their various campuses and offices around the world. In terms of design, their offices are seemingly incredible: One of the things that I feel has been most discussed is Google’s policy of placing cafes where staff can get food or drinks no more than 150 feet from employees. Yes you read that correctly, 150 feet … Turnstone Blog

How Women and Men Use Flexible Work Policies Differently
Flexible work arrangements can be an essential way for many people to balance work and family demands, despite recent news that Yahoo, Best Buy, Zappos, and Bank of America would eliminate or restrict telecommuting. Discussion often focuses on how women, especially mothers, use flexibility, but a new survey by Catalyst shows that men work flexibly throughout their careers, too … The Atlantic

Managing Leads
If you read the summer issue of SIOR Professional Report you saw several pages of infographics on lead generation. For those who didn’t, here’s a quick review … CRE Outsider

Three Priorities for the Digital CMO
The principal role of a CMO has always been to be a great storyteller. Once upon a time, this meant waxing eloquently about the brand’s promise, giving people a hero to cheer for and something to relate to and believe in. And the process of storytelling used to be fairly simple: create an ad, place it in a magazine, newspaper or on the radio or TV, and you were done. Today, we live in an entirely different world … Harvard Business Review

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