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by CoyDavidson on June 14, 2013


Seven Articles to Read this Weekend

The three biggest workplace distractions
It seems most people would rather come in to an office than work from home, but they wish coworkers would stop wasting their time … Fortune Management

What Workers Want
Work is more mobile and global than ever before, and happens around the clock. While some organizations have wondered if they even need a physical workplace anymore, forward-thinking companies have found that people need places that bring them together with other people and with their information … Steelcase

Shut Up And Leave Me Alone
Two top workplace architects have recently written about the transformation and concluded that all is not right and that something is missing. At HOK, the research team surveyed many office workers who resoundingly expressed that they were lacking privacy and that the office was too loud … Turnstone

Supporting Workstyles for Greater Organizational Success
Employees represent more than 80% of a company’s overall investments—an astounding commitment for organizations operating in a world of work that continues to evolve at an exceedingly fast pace … Haworth

10 Common Complexities of a Restack Project
The way people work – and the workplace itself – is continuously changing. Organization realignments, workplace size changes or a desire to renovate existing space all necessitate the moving of people within an existing facility … Business Relocation Resource Center

Professional Office Space Users Tighten Belt On Costs
Taking a cue from corporate America, professionals such as lawyers, accountants and doctors are reassessing their real estate needs and sometimes opting for less space … Investors Business Daily

Taking a Balanced Approach to the Corporate HQ Location Decision
A rare and disruptive event, headquarters relocation projects have the potential to be positive game-changers for a business but also involve substantial risk. Here, we reveal the reasons, factors and trends affecting such a decision … Area Development

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