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by CoyDavidson on May 31, 2013


6 Articles to Read this Weekend

New HQs For Apple, Google, Amazon And Facebook
While much of corporate America is retrenching on the real estate front, the four most influential technology companies in America are each planning headquarters that could win a Pritzker Architecture Prize for hubris … Business Insider

Global Economy, Tech Demands Reshaping Skillsets of CRE Brokers
Although the escalating commercial real estate recovery may reinforce the sense that “it’s back to business as usual,” to those responsible for recruiting brokers in the CRE industry, 2013 hardly seems like business as usual at all … CoStar Group

There Has Not Been Disruptive Innovation In Real Estate And There Won’t Be
There is a lot of excited discussion and digital ink spilled about the notion of “disruptive innovation” related to technology in the business media, at conferences, at venture capital conference room tables, and in business schools all around the world … REFM Blog

Hitting The Intergenerational Sweet Spot
There’s no hotter topic in human resource management at present than how to manage Millennials (aka Generation Y), the age 30-and-under members of the workforce. Millennials are the “kids nowadays!” that managers from previous generations fret about … Harvard Business Review

Re-Mapping Distribution Centers for E-Commerce
Gone are the days when, for cost-saving’s sake, companies moved their warehouses and distribution centers into tertiary markets. As population migration shifts toward the urban core, making it the fastest-growing part of any city, more goods are being shipped to those areas … Commercial Property Executive

Houston Is Unstoppable: Why Texas’ Juggernaut Is America’s #1 Job Creator
The ten largest metros have recovered 98 percent of the jobs lost during the recession, on average. But Houston, the first major city to regain all the jobs lost in the downturn, has now added more than two jobs for every one it lost after the crash … The Atlantic

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