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by CoyDavidson on April 12, 2013


9 Articles to Read this Weekend

4 Macro Trends Leading Organizations Need to Know About
In a challenging, complex and competitive environment, business leaders everywhere are united by a common desire: to anticipate the future and act on it now … Steelcase

The Five Most Important Trends Shaping CRE Brokerage Strategies
Brokerage firm clients today want only one thing: more. They want more services, more expertise and more collaboration in more places. And they want all these things for less: less time, less money and less fuss … National Real Estate Investor

Flexible Workspaces: Employee Perk Or Business Tool To Recruit Top Talent?
Thirty million Americans now work from home at least one day a week, with that number forecast to increase sharply in the coming years, according to the Telework Reseach Network … Forbes

Let’s Get Physical: Is Your Workplace a Recruiting and Retention Tool?
Check any list of “best places to work” and there is almost always a notation about the physical space. It matters. None of this happens by accident. Put smart, talented people in a fun, creative workspace and amazing things occur … Edelman

Exploring the Future of Work
This week, global workplace leader Janet Pogue will join fellow Gensler principal Jim Williamson and Roman Richey, managing director and head of global real estate for Corporate Executive Board (CEB), on a webinar to discuss how shifts in generations, work process, and real estate are changing the workplace landscape … Gensler

Engineering Serendipity
When Yahoo banned its employees from working from home in February, the reasons it gave had less to do with productivity than serendipity. “Some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people, and impromptu team meetings,” … New York Times

Will Co-Working Erode Demand for Office Space?
The tradition of “one worker, one desk” may soon be a thing of the past. Companies across industries are eliminating offices, private work stations and cubicles in favor of team-oriented and shared workspaces … National Real Estate Investor

Changing Office Landscapes
As long as people have worked in offices, the furniture in those offices has played a role in their productivity. From 1892’s double-sided desks to the ‘flying chair’ of the 1930s and the ‘action office’ of the late 1960s, take a look back … Wall Street Journal

Houston Rising—Why the Next Great American Cities Aren’t What You Think
America’s urban landscape is changing, but in ways not always predicted or much admired by our media, planners, and pundits. The real trend-setters of the future—judged by both population and job growth—are not in the oft-praised great “legacy” cities like New York, Chicago, or San Francisco, but a crop of newer, more sprawling urban regions … Newgeography

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