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by CoyDavidson on June 1, 2012

Eight Articles to Read this Weekend

4 Factors to Designing Workspaces for People’s Behaviors
Workplace design needs a new infusion of knowledge and wisdom. The future in achieving the best use of space requires entry into a realm that is not so easily quantified: namely, human behavior… Workspace Designn Magazine

Workplace Design Trends Support Collaboration
Open workspaces, strategically placed support spaces, and employee “amenities” factor prominently into the design of a flexible, collaborative work environment… Area Development Online

The Ways We Work: IV
We need to temper our ability to do our work digitally and in places that aren’t offices and at the same time appreciate the role played by shared physical places in enabling performance… Metropolis Magazine

More Room for Ideas in a Smaller Office
Ever since the economy started to slow down about five years ago, companies have been looking for ways to reduce their office space costs. One option that has become more popular is reconfiguring the office to fit the same number of workers in a smaller space, and either subleasing the leftover square footage or returning it to the landlord… NY Times

Microsoft’s View of the Future Workplace is Brilliant, Here’s Why
I often hear the office of today appears and functions much like it did fifty years ago. Conference rooms with tables, chairs and perhaps a whiteboard – office spaces or desks neatly lined up in long rows across an ever expansive landscape – basically a sea of inhumanity…. Forbes

No telecommuting, please! We’re signaling
The case for telecommuting is solid and gets more so with each new study. But despite this mounting pile of evidence, the number of actual telecommuters hasn’t exactly skyrocketed. Why? Economist Bryan Caplan points to a paper that blames signaling… Gigaom

Dolly Parton and #CRE?: Working Nine to Five
The conversation about remote work and so called alternative workplace strategy has been going on for over 25 years now. Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, when things started to heat up in this arena, there were several practical limitations on what is now being called “distributed work… The Commercial Tenant Resource

Dewey Collapse Gives Lenders Pause, But Landlords Won’t Cease And Desist in Pursuing Law Firms
Law firms make up the fifth-largest sector of office tenants based on total square footage, occupying about 9% of the leased office base in the first quarter of 2012, according to CoStar Tenant… CoStar Group

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