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by CoyDavidson on March 29, 2013

7 Articles to Read this Weekend

Looking for a Lesson in Google’s Perks
After Yahoo’s chief executive, Marissa Mayer, ordered employees working from home to show up at the office for work, there was speculation that she was emulating Google, her previous employer. Yahoo employees should be so lucky. Whatever else might be said about Yahoo’s workplace, it’s a long way from Google’s … New York Times

Marissa Mayer’s Misstep And The Unstoppable Rise Of Telecommuting
Marissa Mayer’s pronunciamento banning home-based work at Yahoo reflects a great dilemma facing companies and our country over the coming decade. Forget for a minute the amazing hubris of a rich, glamorous CEO, with a nursery specially built next to her office, ordering less well-compensated parents to trudge back to the office, leaving their less important offspring in daycare or in the hands of nannies … NewGeography

The Kitchen is a Key to Workplace Happiness
They say that you spend one-third of your life at work, one-third of your life sleeping, and one-third of your life doing everything else, including getting ready for work and traveling to and from your job. So this begs the question, if you spend more waking hours at work then at home, wouldn’t it be nice if you liked being at work more than home … Gensler

Managing Workplace Noise with Mobility and Norms
The level of noise in the workplace is something that comes up frequently in our work and comes up just as frequently in popular media and academic publications alike. There is a familiar storyline to these articles: in search of collaboration (or perhaps just plain cost efficiency), workers are moved to an open plan environment and both their satisfaction and productivity suffer … BrightSpot

Downtowns: What’s Behind America’s Most Surprising Real Estate Boom
One of the main factors businesses consider when deciding on where to relocate or expand is the available pool of college-educated workers. And that has cities competing for college-educated young adults. “The American population, contrary to popular opinion, is not very mobile, but there is one very significant exception … Forbes

Houston Makes Top 5 as Boom Lures Foreigners: Real Estate
International real estate investors are falling in love with Houston, a fast-expanding energy hub that’s luring buyers from Toronto to Tel Aviv seeking properties with lower costs and higher returns than buildings in the priciest U.S. cities … Bloomberg

Survey of Corporate Executives: Changing Site Selection Priorities
Although the survey results show no dramatic upswings in new facility or expansion plans, there are noted changes in site selection priorities – perhaps as a result of the lackluster economic recovery … Area Development

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