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by CoyDavidson on February 22, 2013

5 Articles to Read this Weekend

Office Redesign Improves The Bottom Line
Imagine the traditional office setup. Now un-imagine it, because the workplace of the future won’t look anything like the offices and cubicles we’re used to seeing … Business Insider

Is your office doing your head in?
If you are feeling afraid of losing a claim on your desk as your company moves to hot-desking, if your neighbour is too noisy or your boss looking over your shoulder at everything you do, you might need a consultation with Keti MalkoskiLeading Company

Having Your Own Corner Office Is Like Living in Suburbia
Tony Hsieh talks about his Internet juggernaut Zappos in the same way that urban planners talk about cities. In fact, the language is uncanny. He believes the best ideas – and the best form of productivity – come from “collisions,” from employees caroming ideas off one another in the serendipity of constant casual contact … The Atlantic Cities

Preparing For The Office Video Revolution (Video + Infographic)
As our workplaces become more distributed, video will become a much more dominant feature within them. With increasing video conferencing and video collaboration, it will be important for these experiences to improve dramatically so that people will feel more comfortable participating in them … Office Snapshots

The State of the Freelance Economy
Is freelancing worth it? Should you trade the security of a nine-to-five for the turbulent seas of self-employment? The answer is yes. According to a survey, 90% of freelancers are happy with their chosen career. You won’t find those numbers in many so-called real jobs … Deskmag

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