This Week’s Recommended Reading

by CoyDavidson on February 15, 2013

Four Articles to Read this Weekend

The Future Of The Workplace
Despite the massive changes we’ve seen in our personal lives from technology, the workplace has been remarkably static. Many of us still work in big offices, in cubicles, and at the same desk and computer every day.Not for much longer … Business Insider

World’s Coolest Offices | 2012
These 20 offices are some of the world’s best-designed and most awe-inspiring. Ping-pong tables and bright plastic furnishings are so 2011. This year, the companies with impressive digs have taken a more nuanced approach to giving their employees a covetable workplace …

4 Reasons Big Companies are Embracing Coworking
Coworking isn’t just for hip freelancers anymore. Large companies are increasingly allowing their employees to use the spaces for these four reasons. Up to now, coworking, where mobile workers pay a membership fee to access a cool workspace full of cool people, has had an aura of funky freelancers and trendy young people. But that image of the coworking space as a habitat largely for hip freelancers is changing … WorkSnug

How Business Size Factors in the Expansion or Re-location Process
The site selection needs of medium and small-size firms differ from those of larger firms so a singular approach to the facility location process will not fit all … Area Development Online

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