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by CoyDavidson on February 9, 2013

6 Articles to Read this Weekend

From Zappos: 4 Simple Hacks To Foster Office Collaboration
Zappos has a cubicle problem. The online retailer is famous for its fanatical devotion to both customer service and corporate “cultural fit,” going so far as to pay insufficiently committed new hires as much as $2,000 to leave. The epicenter of this cult is the Zappos headquarters in suburban Las Vegas … Fast Company

3 Practices That Improve Employee Satisfaction
“Today, we regard the quality of work environments and work experiences as important forms of corporate social responsibility (CSR), benefiting employers and employees alike … Workspace Design Magazine

What Ronald McDonald can teach us about office design
Analysts have pinpointed this as one of the reasons for the business’s enduring success. So gone are the naff signs, fluorescent lights and plastic seats, replaced by sofas, communal benching and free wi-fi … office [insight]

Unused Office Space Is Like A Massive Untapped Natural Resource
It’s out there, though it’s not easy to see: Empty desks, vacant conference rooms, unoccupied office parks. Over the past 30 years, the U.S. has added about 2 billion square feet of office space to its existing stock, most of which today’s highly mobile workforce no longer needs, at least not as a permanent home … Wired

The growth of the hybrid coworking space
What is interesting to observe is how many coworking spaces are now beginning to offer a combination of two or three of these different workspace elements. This hybrid coworking model reflects a growing sense that having different types of working within the same coworking space gives members the ability to select the workspace element that suits them best … Deskmag

Just Call Someone Already
You won’t believe this. There’s a technological marvel that, instead of forcing you to communicate with others in writing, actually allows you to hear other people’s voices and words — you can even hear the tone and volume of their voices! And wonder of wonders, they can hear you! Across any distance! … Harvard Business Review

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