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by CoyDavidson on January 25, 2013

Seven Articles to Read this Weekend

Where Your Cubicle Came From
Maybe we can learn a lesson from the humble cubicle. No one sets out to design the most hated office furniture of all time, unless perhaps you work for the Spanish Inquisition, and the cubicle is no exception. Originally intended to free office workers from their hierarchical, codified drudgery of an existence (can’t you just taste the irony?), the cubicle has become universally loathed … Harvard Business Review

Key to Effective Workplaces is Focus, NOT Collaboration
According to an interesting whitepaper by Gensler, the most significant factor in workplace effectiveness is not collaboration, but rather individual focus work. It also happens to be that focus is measured as the least supported workplace activity … Office Snapsots

8 Must-know Trends in Office Fitouts
Enabled by wireless technology, laptop and handheld computing devices, and high-tech tools like Skype, GoTo Meeting, and WebEx, today’s knowledge workers can work from anywhere, anytime. On any given day in a typical office environment, many workers are off site, their office workstations lying empty. Employers are capitalizing on this trend to trim office square footage and real estate costs … Building Design+Construction

Tech Companies Grow Node by Node; Campus May Be Thing of Past
Apple Inc. may rue the day it spent an estimated $3 billion to build its new mothership headquarters in Cupertino. Because, according to a globe-hopping futurist, big, bossy corporate headquarters are just so yesterday … The Registry

A Downsized Boston Globe Opens Its Space for Community Uses
Among the many changes that Christopher M. Mayer wanted to make when he became publisher of The Boston Globe in 2010 was to transform a particularly unattractive section of the newsroom. Mr. Mayer wanted to fill in what he called “the center of the doughnut” on the second floor — acres of abandoned desks once occupied by more than 100 workers in the payroll, classified and advertising departments … New York Times

The Future Of Coworking And Why It Will Give Your Business A Huge Edge
Here are the numbers that support the case for coworking–and why it’s not just for startups or freelancers anymore. Fun. Friendly. Inspiring. Collaborative. Productive. If you wouldn’t define your workplace with any or all of those terms, you may have to ditch your own desk and take a seat at a coworking space near you … Fast Company

Non-Coworkers talking about Coworking Stereotypes
Stereotypes are simplified ways of thinking. They usually attribute to a person, a place, or a group, allow someone to pass judgement, without having to reflect their actual properties. There are also stereotypes regarding coworking spaces. Most people only know about the coworking spaces from hearsay, but have never worked in one … DeskMag

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