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by CoyDavidson on January 20, 2013

Six Articles to Read this Weekend

Column: Creative office space creates challenges
Until recently, creative office spaces were raw, unfinished office spaces where new businesses and ventures could “incubate” and become established, mature and move up. Interestingly, office spaces with the “creative office space” ambiance have now become desirable even for established businesses that may have previously had traditional Class A office space … Portland Business Journal

CRE Pricing Strengthens As Buyers Expand Targets To Include Smaller Properties, More Markets
November brought modest improvement to commercial real estate pricing as investors appeared to put the uncertainty — temporarily at least — of the nation’s fiscal issues and U.S. elections behind them. The two broadest measures of aggregate pricing for commercial properties within the CoStar Commercial Repeat Sale Indices (CCRSI), the value-weighted U.S. Composite Index and the equal-weighted U.S. Composite Index, gained respectively by 0.9% and 1.1% in November … CoStar Group

When to Take Advantage of a Distressed Building by Restructuring Your Lease
The lifecycle of a financially underperforming building generally includes at least five distinct phases, each of which creates opportunities or barriers for a tenant interested in improving its position. Tracking the journey of a building through this lifecycle and timing value-creation activities properly should be an important part of periodic real estate planning … Area Development Online

Lets Get Real (Estate)
My friend Justin Bedecarre of 42 Floors reached out to me recently with such a simple request. “Ashley, can you write a short little blog about how to lease office space?” his request read. Given that I’ve done this exercise a few times in my 18-year career, I thought it would be simple to write about how to lease office space … The Commercial Tenant Resource

The Future of LinkedIn and the Economic Graph
Our ultimate dream is to develop the world’s first economic graph. In other words, we want to digitally map the global economy, identifying the connections between people, jobs, skills, companies, and professional knowledge — and spot in real-time the trends pointing to economic opportunities. It’s a big vision, but we believe we’re in a unique position to make it happen …

5 Reasons to Schedule More Business Lunches
You finally get connected to the person you have been pursuing. Maybe it’s the client of your dreams. Perhaps it’s the mentor you always wanted. Maybe it’s that perfect recruit or potential partner. It doesn’t matter, you want them to listen and they have agreed to give you time. Now you need to put the odds in your favor …

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