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by CoyDavidson on December 27, 2012

Six Articles to Read this Weekend

The Top 25 Most Popular Offices Of 2012
2012 has been a pretty amazing year at Office Snapshots for many reasons and I’m really happy to take the day to present the most popular offices for the year … Office Snapshots

The 10 Most Popular Data Center Articles of 2012
It was an extraordinary year for the data center sector, as reflected in the stories that our readers found the most compelling in 2012. That included Data Center Knowledge’s coverage of major events (the Olympics), major disasters (Sandy), major outages, and major trends in design … Data Center Knowledge

Social media and the changing workplace
As it is with so many areas of life, the Internet is changing the nature of the workplace. Employees carry smartphones that give them constant access to their friends. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are easy distractions. And the digital world gives employees an outlet to express themselves publicly, for better or worse …

The top workplace trends of 2012
As the country recovers from a recession, our workplaces are moving forward in new ways with new rules. Changes are afoot from how our offices look to who runs them and what equipment will be used …

Why Perks Aren’t Company Culture
One of the most misunderstood concepts in the business world is company or organizational culture. If you ask entrepreneurs or business leaders to describe what it is, their answers are likely to be all over the map. And if you ask them to describe their own company’s culture, don’t be surprised if you get some new-age mumbo jumbo or even a blank stare …

Why The Simmering Social Revolution In The Workplace Will Boil Over In 2013
So much has been said and written about being social – we tweet, we pin, we like. We have become a society that communicates and shares just about everything we do, with one notable exception – work. Work is the place where social firewalls go up when they really should come down. After all, our teams are about teamwork. Social is the perfect tool to get our teams to work more collaboratively … Forbes

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