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by CoyDavidson on December 14, 2012

Seven Articles to Read this Weekend

The Evolving Workplace
Some of the predictions for our future workplace from over ten years ago — home working, hot-desking, the regular use of corporate and personal video conferencing, demise of HQs and an increase of satellite offices to name a few – have only just begun to materialise now, and often in a slightly different form from the original prophecy … Facilities Management

Perks and Recreation
Considering that Evernote is a Silicon Valley start-up, and considering as well that Silicon Valley start-ups tend to be both famous and infamous for the quirk of their workspaces, a vending machine that spits out Apple accessories is at best a modest innovation. Especially when you compare it with features at Evernote’s fellow firms in the Valley and nearby San Francisco … The Atlantic

Is Silicon Valley’s legendary office culture a business liability?
Plush offices loaded with free food and goodies may seem appealing, but the appearance they give to outsiders and the burden they impose on small companies can also present serious problems … Digital Trends

Is the Future of Work Focused on Staying Home?
One of the toughest messages for me to get across to corporate executives is that the “new way of working” is not about everyone working “home alone.” It IS about flexibility and mobility. The wonderful thing about today’s (and tomorrow’s) technology is that it enables “work anywhere” – but it certainly doesn’t require it …The Future of Work… unlimited

Workplace Distractions: Here’s Why You Won’t Finish This Article
In the few minutes it takes to read this article, chances are you’ll pause to check your phone, answer a text, switch to your desktop to read an email from the boss’s assistant, or glance at the Facebook or Twitter messages popping up in the corner of your screen. Off-screen, in your open-plan office, crosstalk about a colleague’s preschooler might lure you away, or a co-worker may stop by your desk for a quick question … Wall Street Journal

Top 10 Sales Trends for 2013
What are the top business-to-business sales trends for 2013? Here’s my list based upon my experience of studying some of the world’s best sales organizations this past year … Harvard Business Review

The Return of Writing
Unless you’re a professional wordsmith, it’s unlikely you’ve written much of anything that’s much longer than an email since college. A couple of high-profile business leaders insist their teams flex their atrophying writing muscles …

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