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by CoyDavidson on December 7, 2012

Six Articles to Read this Weekend

The Changing Workplace: From Me to We
Traditionally, work and the workspace were focused on the individual, with every employee in the company having an allocated workpoint, which became a symbol of their status and identity. Although sometimes used politically, the allocated workpoint ultimately served a positive purpose, allowing individual employees to express who they were and supporting how they worked … Office Snapshots

Change Management: Optimizing People and Space (Part 1 of 2)
Read any recent article about the workplace and you’ll note comments about how the nature of work is quickly changing. Corporate cultures are radically shifting as leaders respond to a highly competitive global marketplace. People and space are the two most expensive assets, and each needs to be optimized in order for companies to flourish … Workplace Design Magazine

Telecommuting Increases Work Hours and Blurs Boundary Between Work and Home, New Study Shows
With fluctuating gas prices and the increasing call for work-life balance, telecommuting has become an attractive option for busy professionals. Yet according to a new study from The University of Texas at Austin, for most employees who work remotely, telecommuting equates to working more hours … University of Texas at Austin

How is a digital workplace team different from an intranet team?
As new technologies are gaining a presence within organisations, we’re seeing some strategic conversations shifting from the “intranet” to the “digital workplace”. This encompasses traditional content publishing, news, social, collaboration, mobile (and beyond) … Column Two

The One Person Every Network Needs
Not all contacts are created equally. When you know someone from more than one context, that person is called a “multiplex tie.” Because these relationships are richer than those rooted in just one setting (the office, for example), they come with a higher level of trust and you’re likely to tap them more frequently … Harvard Business Review

A Boom in Houston Is Led by the Energy Industry
Even first-time visitors here can tell that the city is growing rapidly. Construction cranes overhang office and apartment sites all along the Katy Freeway, a stretch of Interstate 10 that connects a string of booming submarkets west of the 610 Loop. This expanse includes the Westchase neighborhood and the Energy Corridor, home to an expanding cluster of energy companies … The New York Times

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