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by CoyDavidson on November 30, 2012

Seven Articles to Read this Weekend

Bring Nomadic Employees Back to the Mothership
By 2015, 1.3 billion people worldwide will be working remotely. That’s almost 40% of the entire global workforce. While we can thank technology and increasingly flexible office policies for the shift away from the office, for many companies, mobility has simply been an unintended consequence of trying to keep pace with change, as well as a calculable means to rein in real estate costs … Harvard Business Review

4 Questions To Ponder When Branding Your Workplace
The golden arches, an apple and the swoosh, these symbols reflect strong brands. But the power of the brand is beyond the symbol. It is an experience that customers, clients, and employees develop a strong affiliation with. Interpreting your vision and who you are in a workplace are most effective when client, architect, brand, and communications agency work as a team. … Turnstone

Commercial Real Estate’s Economic Contributions to the Economy
Commercial real estate development is a valuable economic engine in the United States – it creates jobs, generates income and significantly contributes to the U.S. economy. Watch this video produced by the NAIOP Research Foundation to learn how commercial real estate development positively impacts the economy throughout economic highs and lows …

Real Estate’s Glass Ceiling
Like many female commercial real-estate brokers, Suzanne Sunshine has faced an uphill struggle trying to make it in a male-dominated industry. Now she’s trying something a little different… Wall Street Journal

Smart Buildings + Intelligent Solutions
Smart/Intelligent Buildings are an increasingly important trend, according to IFMA’s study on current trends and future outlooks. Yet, the awareness is limited, the value not fully understood, and the technology complexity is often underestimated or over-stated … EBUSINESS STRATEGIES

Labor Costs: Generating Savings Through Lower Wages
Saving even $1 per hour on employee wages can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings each year for some companies. Given those statistics, it is no surprise that labor costs consistently rank as one of the top factors in site selection decisions … Area Development Online

Where Americans Are Moving
The red states may have lost the presidential election, but they are winning new residents, largely at the expense of their politically successful blue counterparts. For all the talk of how the Great Recession has driven people — particularly the “footloose young” — toward dense urban centers, Census data reveal that Americans are still drawn to the same sprawling Sun Belt regions as before …

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