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by CoyDavidson on November 22, 2012

5 Articles and a Video for this Holiday Weekend

An Introduction To A Growing Trend: Activity Based Working
Activity based working (ABW) is based on the premise that no employee ‘owns’ or has an assigned workstation. Rather, the broader workspace provides employees with a variety of predetermined activity areas that allow them to conduct specific tasks including learning, focusing, collaborating and socialising … Office Snapshots

Generation Gaps in the Workplace: Bridging the Divides
From Traditionalists to Millennials, today’s workforce consists of multiple generations whose different political, economic and cultural backgrounds shape their actions, interactions and approach to business. While this generational diversity can be an asset for companies, it can also cause tension and determine how well employers recruit and retain employees … Blog

Preparing for a new era of knowledge work
The past three decades saw companies in developed economies make huge strides improving the productivity and organizational performance of an array of jobs. Aided by advances in technology and digital communications, companies automated, reengineered, and outsourced numerous tasks that had once required full-time, on-site employees … McKinsey Quarterly

Advantages of coworking spaces over other offices
“Value is no longer created in traditional offices,” some coworking spaces, and their advocates, claim. To say this is not entirely true. Excepting, perhaps, financial institutions, other types of companies do contribute to economy as a whole, and many of them still work in traditional offices … deskmag

High Tech, Low Tech
San Francisco and Silicon Valley, separated by a few miles, have contrasting environments. San Francisco is a dense, pedestrian-friendly, public-transit-oriented city that until recently was not a high-tech magnet. Silicon Valley, for all its technological intensity, has historically accepted the suburban-sprawl model of vast campuses surrounded by asphalt moats … Greensource Magazine

Workplaces can become “more hybrid in their nature” – Jeff Morehen on Darling Quarter from Dezeen on Vimeo.

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