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by CoyDavidson on October 26, 2012

My Personal Favorite Blog Posts

Should you be a subscriber or frequent reader of The Tenant Advisor you know that every Friday I publish two posts; This Week in Economy which is a recap of the top economic news of the week and This Week’s Recommended Reading where I provide links to some of my favorite articles I discovered on the web for that week. What I typically do is select from the best articles that I bookmarked that week, tweeted or posted on my Facebook page.

This week not much caught my eye that deemed worthy of making the recommended reading list. I will admit I was super busy this week  and didn’t spend much as time surfing the internet as I typically do, but it just didn’t seem like a great week for CRE and workplace related content on the Web.

So this Friday, I decided to take a different approach to my recommended reading post. I regularly provide a recap of some of my top blog posts as way to feature some of my older content. However, I typically select those posts by specific subject matter or more often than not by which posts received the most views. Google organic search plays a dominant role in which posts receive the most views, followed by sharing on social networks.

This week, I have selected a few of my personal favorite blog posts from my archives with no regards to how many times it has been viewed or received online.

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