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by CoyDavidson on October 12, 2012

Five Articles to Read this Weekend

Flexible Workplace–Before, During, After Change
Corporate real estate leaders are increasingly aware that flexible work space is a valuable tool for attracting and retaining employees. The practice is also an effective way to boost revenues through reduced footprints, increased worker productivity and collaboration—features that should make any C-suite happy … Commercial Property Executive

Forrester: 66% Of Employees Use 2 Or More Devices At Work, 12% Use Tablets
Forrester’s latest report on mobile adoption in the enterprise found that 66% of employees now use two or more devices every day, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. A smaller, but notable 12% percent said they now use tablets at work … TechCrunch

RESEARCH: If You Were A Private Office, You’d Only Work 1.84 Hours Per Day
If you worked as much as the average workstation, you’d only have to work 3.2 hours per day. If you put in the hours of a typical private office, then you’d clock in at a sparse 1.84 hours. And of course, if you were a conference room, you’d almost never show up … Office Snapshots

Corporate Culture vs. Generation Y
Many forces have encouraged the move from traditional, corporate mindsets to more flexible, collaborative workplaces. To start with, the boom in mobile technology grants workers 24/7 access with the ability to work remotely … DeskMag

Even After the Housing Bust, Americans Still Love the Suburbs
For decades, Americans have chosen to live in suburbs rather than in cities. Suburban growth has outpaced urban growth, and many big cities have even lost population. But in recent years, some experts have said it’s time for cities to make a comeback. So is there evidence that cities are really making a comeback? … NewGeography

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