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by CoyDavidson on October 5, 2012

Six Articles to Read this Weekend

The evolving use of technology within the property industry
The global economic down turn has coincided with an incredible growth in creative technology solutions that have influenced the lives of everyone in the developed world… Property Week

3 Themes of Modern Workplace Design
The value of mentoring, socialization, and technology lie in the ability to define them within the framework and context of corporate culture, which may make them easier to harness. On a large scale, it seems that we are no longer only concerning ourselves with the “how” and “why” of the physical workspace … Workspace Design Magazine

How Gen Y, Gen X and Boomers interact
The workforce has become a diverse community of generations.Their work styles vary quite a bit, and when it comes to meetings, they have completely different views and opinions on them and how they should work … EnMast

New Ways of Working Identifies Trends in Latest Alternative Workplace Benchmarking Survey
New Ways of Working’s Alternative Workplace survey found that more and more companies are shifting to a more informal approach to workplace programs. Analysis of the survey results revealed six major trends characterizing the modern alternative workplace … New Ways of Working Network

Work from home surges 41% in 10 years
As communication and information technologies advance,workers are increasingly able to perform work at home. Since work is often more than simply a means of making a living, but tends to dictate how people organize their lives, changes in work patterns have both economic and social implications … Census Bureau

Flocking Elsewhere: The Downtown Growth Story
Make no mistake about it, the central cores of the nation’s largest cities are doing better than at any time in recent history. Much of the credit has to go to successful efforts to make crime infested urban cores suitable for habitation, which started with the strong law enforcement policies of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani … NewGeography

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