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by CoyDavidson on September 7, 2012

Four Articles to Read this Weekend

How Will Big Business Respond to Coworking?
If collaboration serves as the model for today’s ideal workplace — and the golden child that every business wants to adopt — then coworking is the unwanted orphan that mid-sized companies and corporate America have yet to embrace … Workspace Design Magazine

Why High-Tech Companies Are Moving to the City
For as long as many of us can remember, high-tech industries have flourished in the suburban office parks that are so ubiquitous in Silicon Valley, North Carolina’s Research Triangle and other “nerdistans.” But in recent years, high-tech has been taking a decidedly urban turn …

Strategic Operations Decisions Help Companies Profit from the Downturn
Many corporations and their work forces undergo severe pain during a downturn. However, there is a silver lining: While some corporate managers hunker down for the duration of the downturn, more savvy management looks for opportunities to profit from the downturn by careful facilities management and strategic positioning of their business operations … Area Development Online

Green Building Sparks Battle for the Built Environment
The explosive growth in green buildings over the past decade is flattening the built environment. Green building’s emphasis on integrated design and whole-building performance has accelerated the convergence of these silos into a single platform, transforming a fragmented, vertical value chain into an integrated, horizontal value chain … Forbes

Bob Chodos, Principal with Colliers shares insight on the latest corporate strategies of leading U.S. companies … Bull Realty

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