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by CoyDavidson on August 17, 2012

Six Articles and a Video I Liked this Week

4 things Gen Y gets right about work
When it comes to the workplace, young people have many positive ideas to contribute to the larger conversation. Here are four of them … CBS MoneyWatch

Can Employees Be Trusted to Work From Home? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Working from home is awesome. But it can also be highly distracting. One recent study found that more than 40% of employees who work from home pull double-duty watching TV or a movie … Mashable

Why Doesn’t Every Biglaw Firm Have An Office In Wheeling, West Virginia?
The “onshore,” “insourcing” of operations trend by Biglaw frims has been successful. The only reason every Biglaw firm doesn’t already have an office in Wheeling or some other bombed-out crater of a former industrial town is that Biglaw firms are slow to change … Above the Law

Most Expensive Corporate HQ Cities
A study by the Boyd Co., a site-selection consulting firm based in Princeton, N.J., ranked 50 metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada by the annual cost of running a corporate headquarters … Sacramento Business Journal

5 Tips for Presenting to Executives
Presenting to your peers is (relatively) easy. The stakes aren’t high. If you screw up, they’ll usually let it slip. But executives are different … Slideshare

ORGATEC Study: The Future Of Work Trends
Everyday patterns in the workplace have changed in past few years, even though this development has long gone unnoticed. Frequent changes in assigned tasks are displacing routine activities. Project work now accounts for 35% of all the working hours spent in offices … Today’s Facility Manager

Beyond the Cube: Being Ready for Tomorrow’s Office
What will tomorrow’s office look like? The workplace of the future is posed to present new challenges and opportunities. In the video below, Zach Edwards with Gensler examines the drivers that will substantially affect where and how we will work tomorrow.

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