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by CoyDavidson on July 27, 2012

Seven Articles to Read this Weekend

Trend: Large Companies and Their Move to Efficiently Use Space
It seems like the main thrust of office space design today is aimed at using space more efficiently. One might wonder why that is necessary, but for large organizations with large workforces, and inefficient use of office real estate can cost big bucks … Office Snapshots

Caution Returns in Commercial Real Estate
What a difference a year makes.A year ago, commercial real-estate executives were feeling better about the market. A recovery looked like it was on the horizon. And then things changed … Wall Street Journal

Banks Sharpening Axes for New Round of Downsizings
In the midst of a slow and fragile recovery and ahead of a host of pending regulatory changes, the nation’s banks this past week said they are not done cutting staff and paring down their occupied square footage … CoStar Group

Commercial Real Estate Forecast: 2012-2013
The other shoe has not dropped. During the housing crisis, many people asserted that commercial real estate was the other shoe waiting to drop. Commercial real estate loan defaults did rise along with residential defaults, but the commercial sector never went down enough to throw the financial system into crisis … Forbes

Several Price Indices Show CRE Values on the Rise
Prices keep rising for commercial real estate properties, according to indices kept by top real estate firms—but not as quickly as in the years just after the crash … National Real Estate Investor

Hey…Leave my third place alone!
Many of our current workplaces are designed around connection, an important shift that unfolded over the past two decades. As leadership moved from command and control to a more collaborative model, our work became increasingly defined by team goals and projects … Gensler

Are You An Effective Worker or a Busy Worker?
We’re all allotted the same 24 hours in a day, so why is it that some people manage to accomplish amazing feats with their time while others struggle to maintain even a basic level of productivity? … Gist

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