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by CoyDavidson on July 13, 2012

Nine Articles to Read this Weekend

Explaining the Diverging Fates of CBD and Suburban Office Markets
Why are office buildings in CBDs continuing to recover faster than suburban properties? One fundamental driver is the difference in post-recession hiring patterns between large and small firms. Typically, when the office market begins to recover suburban submarkets recover sooner than their CBD counterparts … National Real Estate Investor

The 10 Keys to Building the Flexible Workplace of the Future
Letting employees manage their own time can be good for a company’s bottom line. The good news is that a new, flexible work/life framework already exists in a growing number of organizations. In fact, it’s an open secret waiting to be scaled. But the challenge is how to get more organizations to try … The Atlantic

Secrets of a Master Negotiator
Life is negotiation. So much of our daily lives revolve around this practice, and yet so few of us spend any time truly learning what it takes to become great at this requisite skill…

New work space needed by the mobile workforce of the future
With the spread of mobile devices, offices are changing, and there are now more “mobile workers” who have no desks of their own. What will the office space of the future look like? … Asahi Shimbun

Can we credit the iPad with transforming the workplace?
Blame it on the iPad. Or the recession. Or Gen Y. Whatever the reason, and truthfully a number of factors are contributing, it’s clear workplace design is changing again … Atlanta Business Chronicle

The Power Of Being Different
Strong products and services are highly differentiated from all other products and services. It’s that simple. It’s that difficult. The trick is to be different in a way that is highly relevant to your audience … Fast Company

The North Carolina Data Center Corridor
Deciding where to build a data center has always been a complex decision. Facebook, Google and Apple have all built mega data centers in the so-called North Carolina data center corridor. Why has North Carolina emerged as a hub for data centers? Here are the 10 biggest reasons … Gigaom

Prepare for the next generation of enterprise collaboration
Collaboration tools are so pervasive in the workplace that it’s no longer a question of if companies will enable web working, but how … Gigaom Video

What’s on the Minds of Today’s Top CEOs?
In today’s volatile global economy, what exactly are CEOs thinking about? How are they seeking to change their organizations and industries? Watch key findings from IBM’s most recent CEO Study and insights on what outperforming companies do differently … (Video) Harvard Business Review

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