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by CoyDavidson on July 6, 2012

5 Articles to Read this Weekend

You Are My Density: Snow White and the Open Plan Office
The contemporary workplace is apparently on a diet. Eradicating private offices, tearing down cubicle walls and drastically decreasing square footage/person allotments—how low can you go seems to be the newest measure of workplace design success. But does real estate efficiency equal workplace effectiveness? Do people really work better when they’re put closer and closer together? …. GenslerOnWork

Place Still Matters in the Digital Age: Third Place Working and Productivity
There are a battery of arguments either way about regarding the office as the default workplace, where employees should work unless they’re away at customers, conferences or otherwise on business travel. Many managers believe that routine presence in the office confers value, and that this is eroded when individuals can choose to work elsewhere in places that best suit their schedule and locatio … Realcomm

The Most Important Predictor of Sales Success
What most companies and sales training programs think really matters in sales is wrong … Harvard Business Review

Assignment and Subletting Provisions: Specific Words Matter
Why do attorneys spend so much time on the assignment and subletting provisions in a lease agreement. The answer stems from the default rule that a tenant may freely transfer its leasehold interest unless this right is taken away, generally by the assignment and subletting provision of the lease … Commercial Lease Law

LEED Under Fire
The federal government’s selection of a green building certification system for the next five years has become a controversial issue, with no clear resolution in sight … Capitol Markets

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