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by CoyDavidson on March 2, 2012

8 Articles to Read this Weekend

Top Metros 2011: Houston the top spot for Site Selection
Site Selection magazine has selected the Houston Metro as the No. 1 city for corporate facility expansions and relocations in 2011. The Houston area secured 195 corporate facility expansion projects in 2011. Last year Houston finished No. 2 but beat last year’s top metro, Chicago who reported 167 expansion/relocation projects in 2011 … Site Selection

The Future of Work Is Services: So Where Is the Future of Services?
The White House likes to talk about manufacturing, and it’s easy to fetishize the honor in “making things,” but when you get right down to it, it’s a services world, and we’re all just living in it. The vast majority of us are working for the government, administering health care, serving food, manning an aisle, or doing something else while sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day … The Atlantic

Office Space Per Worker Will Drop to 100 Square Feet or Below
New data released this week from CoreNet Global show for the first time that for many companies, the average allocation of office space per person in North America will fall to 100 square feet or below within the next five years. By 2017, at least 40% of the companies responding indicated they will reach this all-time low benchmark of individual space utilization, which has been the case in Europe for the past several years but is now heading for the Americas … PR Newswire

Designing and Planning the Workplace for Today’s Corporate Culture
The right working environment is essential to attract the new generation of workers, retain talent, and foster innovation. Imagine a workplace specifically designed to fit a company’s culture, rather than the physical elements of real estate or business operations … Area Development Online

Mobility-Who Takes the Lead?
We all know that for the new workplace to be successful, it requires an alignment of three key groups – HR, IT and real estate/facilities. Each of the members of the HR/IT/RE triumvirate have a stake in the game and bring much to the table … EBUSINESS STRATEGIES

The New Data Center Geography
Data centers represent far more than jobs or bricks & mortar. They have become symbols of the new economy, a tangible sign that a community is making a successful transition to the digital economy. The pursuit of cheap power and lower taxes is changing the face of the data center industry, placing huge facilities in remote locations far removed from the users … Data Center Knowledge

Find the 7 Differences
Workplaces are all about people, technology, and the physical space. And beyond these main drivers lies myriad ways in which a workplace can actually be designed. But in this article, I’ll highlight the 7 characteristics that I think represent the cross-section of most workspaces designed today. These 7 characteristics also differentiate the modern-day layout from older, more traditional workplace designs … Workspace Design Magazine

7 tips for working remotely in a coffee shop
More people are using coffee shops as workplaces. As the workplace continues to “shift”, we’ll most likely see more of this in the years ahead. Here are a few tips to be as productive as possible when you’re “out of the office.” … WorkSnug Blog

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