Referrals: The Agile Workplace, Optimizing for Mobile, CRE Benchmarking and Alternative Workstyles

by CoyDavidson on October 4, 2011

Links to Corporate Real Estate stories around the web:

Coworking, Swarming, and the Agile Workplace
In the workplace, achieving this kind of seamless interaction among groups of individuals has proven elusive But with converging developments in technology, social media, and cognitive science comes the prospect of achieving breakthrough levels of organizational collaboration. What role, if any, will the physical workplace play in this transformation? … read more from Herman Miller

Optimizing for Mobile in a LEED Design
The ultimate goal of a workspace design is to make the space not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Effective use of form and function promote employee health and happiness, which in turn promotes productivity … read more at Workspace Design Magazine

Benchmarking Corporate Real Estate
Benchmarking is a core activity for most real estate organizations. To improve performance, external benchmarking studies are often initiated to identify areas of opportunity related to cost and quality of service, as well as gauge how effectively a portfolio is managed … read more at CoreNet Global

How Alternative Work Styles Can Be A Good Fit
Teleworker. Mobile worker. Bedouin. Nomadic. Location agnostic. Professionals who sometimes—or always—work at a location other than the office have gone by a variety of terms over the years … read more at Herman Miller

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